Tips to Select the Right Digital Signature Application

While working with documents over the course of many years, I have quite a bit of experience with paper as well as digital documents. Most of the organizations I have worked with, deal with documents and files using the traditional methods which involves scanning, printing and signing of paper documents for collaboration purposes. These organizations do not have a proper solution employed based on well-defined workflows to follow. Even if workflows and processes exist, the introduction of paper into the workflow process not only increases operational costs but also impacts the efficiency of the workforce. Therefore, it is crucially important for businesses to have automated workflows and collaborative solutions based on these workflows which eliminates the paper process of printing, stuffing envelopes as well as wet-ink signatures.

A right digital signature application is designed to attain the full benefits of an electronic workflow and ensure the authenticity of any electronic document whether it is an email attachment, a report or a legal document. You can authenticate the sender of the document while conveniently collaborating on these files with your colleagues. Use of digital signatures ensures data accuracy and eliminates manual tasks from the process. You don’t have to wait around for days or weeks for a purchase order, an invoice or an employee form to be signed by a particular person. Business users can get more work done in less time and therefore, a perfect digital signature app which is easy to use and gets documents signed within minutes of its creation is required.


Businesses of different sizes can take advantage of such an online signature app to simplify the processes and procedures. Employees can send out documents to the customers who can in turn review, approve and sign these. The employee forms can be filled, signed and sent over to the HR department online which takes up just a few minutes. Electronically signed documents are more secure as they contain more information about the person who created, sent and signed the documents. With a timestamp feature, you can easily authenticate as well as eliminate the possibility of unauthorized tampering.

A flawless app such as GroupDocs Signature integrates seamlessly with the tools in the current business environment such as Microsoft Word, PDFs, Dropbox, Windows Azure etc. It ensures a wide range of file format support such as DOC, DOCX, ODT, PDF, TIFF, etc. and provision of multiple storage options to avoid compatibility issues of the business documents. You can add different fields in your document which needs to be signed. Your signature forms can consist of many fields such as date, initials, signature etc. and all you need to do is add email addresses of the signers to share the document. The signers can then sign the documents in a browser and once the document is signed, the sender is notified via email. Signers are also sent an email of the signature so that they can keep track of all documents they have signed and the pending ones.

In short, a digital signature application as good as GroupDocs Signature promotes the eco-friendly and paperless processes in the work environment. Thus, we can safely say that the digital signatures are here to stay and finding the right solution which matches your business requirements is now extremely important for businesses around the globe.